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What do we know of our soul but the surface? It is what the lily in the pool knows of the water, what the mirrored profile knows of the mirror. Oh, to plunge into the pond, into the looking glass!” – Georges Rodenbach, Les Vies Encloses

IMG_3911IMG_3760IMG_3740IMG_3729IMG_3708 IMG_3755   IMG_3695  IMG_3865 IMG_3855

Fall break, you did me good. Here are some images from five days in Giverny for the annual Marchutz sculpture workshop with Greg Wyatt, resident sculptor at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York. Pictured at bottom: my wax sculpture waiting patiently to be bronzed (thanks Coubertin Foundation). Following the assignment to create a three-dimensional form inspired by a two-dimensional drawing from Monet’s garden, my inspiration for this piece was the seemingly upward reaching movement of the willow leaves reflected in the pond’s depths.

All in all, these were an extraordinary few days followed by a delightful, short trip to Amsterdam with mes amis Mimi and Hilary.



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