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More paintings from the forest

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First I went out for a drawing, then again for a picture in pastels, then again for a painting, a small one. My next canvas is bigger.

I liked the awkward hauling of my gear, the streak of paint on my left ear.

The bugs, the strangers, the shifting light. I tried so hard to make working in a studio work for me (painting-wise) but alas, only the forest will do.

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Preview/excerpt for “Audience of One,” that animated film I may have told you about. Should be done by the end of this summer – stay tuned!

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Barred iron balconies dripping with light,
melted snow, over the avenue in the afternoon.
Golden pink on the cathedral against a paling blue that I see looking up
as I’m walking inside to hear Slavoj Zizek talk about God.
And just before, after I crest the sidewalk from the underground: trees lining snow-kissed hills in the park across the boulevard, wildness beckoning –
Animal heart, caught in the mind of flat asphalt,
salivating at the chancest happening of sky amid grids of glass and steel.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.58.30 AM.png

A still from DAY ONE of shooting this animated film I’ve been working on (expanded from the sequence below). 80 more shots and hundreds more hours to go!!